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A Work of Heart

My hobby is painting in watercolor. I love the clear, luminous look of the colors. One of the most important lessons I learned about painting in this medium is to keep the brush clean. If I keep dipping my brush into a jar of water that has become dirty, it can turn a work of art into a dull, muddy disappointment so I keep lots of clean water nearby. However, I have a file called the “dud file.” That’s where I’ve tucked away some failures. We’ll talk about that a little later.

Let’s see how a work of heart is like a work of art. The Bible mentions different types of hearts. Here are a couple of examples. Psalm 101:4 talks about a froward heart. Froward means: twisted, distorted, crooked, or perverted. What a muddy mess! Sadly, the person with that kind of heart has been painting with a dirty brush.

Matthew 5:8 talks about a pure heart. Pure means: clean, unstained and free from any mix of what is false. You learned the secret to vibrant watercolor paintings. The same principle applies to keeping your heart clean. Wash with the clean, pure water of the Word of God daily (Ephesians 5:26). Our key verse says to “Keep thy heart with all diligence.” That’s why I call this article “a work of heart”. It is work, but it is worth the effort. Jesus wants to present us “faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy.”

Just as the clean beautiful watercolors flow from the brush, out of our hearts flow “the issues of life.” We are painting pictures of our lives. Is your picture ready for display or are you hiding it in the dud file? I learned another valuable lesson in painting watercolors. Muddy areas or stains from dripped paint can be washed out. I can use a brush dipped in clean water to wash out a small area or I have even held a painting under the tap to wash away a large area of unsatisfactory color. Then I have a second chance to get it right.

So where are you in your masterpiece--just starting, half-way there or do you need to do a little cleanup and get a fresh start? Wherever you left off, don’t let those brushes lie. Pick one up, wash it in clean water and get back to painting your work of heart.

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