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Afraid of the Rescuer

“Here doggy. Come here boy. I’m not going to hurt you; I only want to help you.”

The dog looked at the rescuer with worried eyes, but turned and paddled the other way. He had walked out onto thin ice and had fallen into the river. As he tried to climb out he would slip or the ice would break. As hard as he tried he couldn’t free himself. The rescuer talked and coaxed in kind tones, but the dog was still afraid to come to him. Why would he turn and try to get away? Had abuse made him afraid of all people? Was it because he didn’t know the rescuer?

This often parallels people’s behavior. We get into trouble, need help and many times try to save ourselves. God sent us a rescuer, the Lord Jesus Christ. He not only wants to save us from our sins and lost condition, but He wants to save us from the dangerous or troublesome situations we find ourselves in. I know you have heard the old saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” Sorry, but that one is wrong. God doesn’t want us to depend on ourselves but depend on Him. Jesus extends a loving hand to us saying, “Come unto me.”

Can you identify with the dog? Are you afraid of the One who wants to rescue you? Have you turned and gone the other way because you were afraid? Even with God’s gentle coaxing, you wouldn’t turn to Him. Were you abused in the past and can’t trust anyone, not even God? Or is it because you don’t know God very well, and don’t know that he is tender, loving and kind and only wants to help you? If you will study the Word of God, you will learn who God is and what he is really like. You will begin to see how much He loves you. He doesn’t want to harm you; He wants to help you and bless you. He wants you to turn to Him before making a mess of your life. He can untangle messes and heal hurts and resolve problems if all parties affected are willing to let Him. And it takes time.

Finally, when the dog was almost frozen and about to drown he suddenly turned and headed for the rescuer who pulled him to safety, and with tender loving care he recovered. God doesn’t want you to wait until you have tread water so long you are about to drown. Turn and place yourself in the kind, caring hands of the rescuer.

Scriptures to Ponder: James 4:8; Matthew 11:28-30

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