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An Old Remedy

We have all heard of age-old remedies that cure almost anything. My grandfather suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for many years and tried numerous concoctions (including rattlesnake oil) that promised a cure, but none ever worked. Well, there is a timeless remedy that will cure ailments of all kinds. Do you have festering emotional or mental hurts? This remedy can be applied as a poultice to draw out the poison and heal the wound. Do you have physical ailments? Headaches, stomachaches, and even graver illnesses have been cured by this remedy. Have you been feeling low in spirit lately? Are you feeling weak or powerless? As a tonic, this may be just what you need. This remedy is found in most households. It may taste a little bitter (or sting a little) but will bring such relief. The remedy is found in your Bible in Ephesians 4:32: "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." The remedy is FORGIVENESS.

Unforgiveness starts when we get our feelings hurt by the thoughtless words or actions of others. Trying to "nurse" those hurts only causes bitterness and anger. Bitterness and anger left untreated can manifest themselves into physical ailments. The unforgiveness will also affect our spiritual lives by quenching the power of the Holy Spirit. Here are some simple directions for applying forgiveness to your ailments. First ask God to show you who (if anyone) you need to forgive.* Then get alone and pretend you are talking to that person (or write it out):

1. Acknowledge the hurt. "You hurt me __________ (name) when you did such and


2. Acknowledge how it made you feel. "I felt __________ (angry, used, betrayed etc.)"

It is important to get your feelings out; freezing your feelings can also freeze your

capacity to give or receive love.

3. Forgive the person who hurt you. "I forgive you. You do not have to make it up to

me or pay me back."

4. Accept the person unconditionally--then let God change them.

Also take note of the last part of the verse. Dwell often on the wonderful forgiveness God has given you through our Lord Jesus Christ. That's preventative medicine!

*Consider that you may need to forgive yourself (not forgiving yourself can causes "false guilt"), and you may need to forgive God, not because He has done anything wrong, but because you may have resented some circumstances He has allowed in your life.

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