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Complete in Him

My daughter-in-law collects Coca Cola memorabilia. Once she found a beautiful Coca Cola puzzle that was put together and mounted and framed. What if she had just found 1 piece? It would have had a small piece of the image, but would not have been valuable or significant.

We are like that puzzle piece. We get a piece of His image at salvation; we received Him and we are going to Heaven when we die. But there is something we need to understand about our relationship with Him from day to day. We must stay connected to Him. Just like that little puzzle piece is insignificant apart from the puzzle, we are inadequate and insufficient apart from Him.

Complete means that nothing has been omitted or diminished. We are in Him and are drawing from His strength, wisdom and resources. Complete means full, implying the inclusion of all that is needed, can be held or achieved. He is and has everything we need “for life and godliness.” There is nothing we cannot do or achieve when God is in it. Complete means perfect, accomplished, skilled. He equips us for service.

Complete also means intact. This applies to something that remains whole after passing through an experience that might have impaired it. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? It means we can go through anything because we are in Him and He goes with us, giving us His love, comfort, and strength.

What else does complete mean? It means to be whole, entire, which implies unbroken unity. Christ says we are to abide (live, stay) in Him. Being connected to Him we are equipped, we are adequate, we are ready, we have the power to do what He wants us to do--when we have that unbroken unity with Him.

Scriptures to Ponder:

2 Corinthians 3:5; 2 Corinthians 9:8; Colossians 2:10; 2 Peter 1:3; John 15:4,5

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