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Deep Roots

One evening on our way to church a huge tree fell across the highway just ahead of us and there was no way to get around it. The tree had been loosened after a recent gale off the ocean. After about 15 minutes, a couple of loggers drove up in a pickup truck and had a chain saw with them. They sawed the tree in two, dragged it off to the side of the road, and we were able to pass. We were living in the Olympic Rain Forest at the time. The forest is primarily made up of the western red cedar. They are very impressive trees growing up to 200 feet tall at maturity. But they have one flaw: because of the constant rain, the red cedar doesn't develop a deep root system. When the storms come the ones most exposed blow over easily.

Christians can be like the red cedar; there can be lots of activity on the surface but very little depth. When a crisis comes they crash. There needs to be inner growth equal to the outward evidences. We sometimes get the idea that spiritual growth comes from training, education, or experience, or that increased activity or outward appearances are signs of maturity. Growing doesn't mean we get more capable, but that we become more dependent on and trusting in Christ. It is not our getting better and better, but it is a constant union with Christ and drawing what we need from Him. His life must flourish in us.

What supports a tree and causes it to grow are the roots digging down deep into the earth to find moisture and nutrients. What gives us support and causes our growth is sending our roots deep into Christ. Let your roots sink deep and anchor yourself there in the Lord. Your growth and the fruit you produce will be equal to your root system, and you will not blow over in the storm.

Scripture references: Luke 8:13; Ephesians 3:17; John 15:4,5

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